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Weekly Weigh In

Friday September 12th: 262.6 

Pounds lost this week: 1.6 

Total Pounds lost: 94.8

SO CLOSE to 95 pounds down!

I am THRILLED to announce that as of today, I am officially in the “Obesity” range on the BMI scale! I know that BMI charts have their flaws (hello? Muscle mass!) but it’s still nice to see the number fall into obesity rather than the morbidly obese or super morbidly obese categories.

Watch out world! There’s nothing morbid about this girl anymore!

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Why I’m NOT Sorry for the Inconvenience

I have a terrible habit of apologizing for minuscule things that don’t matter.

That doesn’t mean I don’t stand up for myself, quite the contrary, but if you bump your cart into mine at the supermarket, theres a good chance I’ll instinctively apologize.

I’ve decided to try and minimize my apologies if they aren’t necessary. I feel like I’ve been doing much better (and it doesn’t seem to have a negative affect on how anyone treats me) but I discovered an obstacle.

I have always apologized for my weight. Even as I’ve lost weight, I still felt it was my responsibility to beg pardon to the normal weight person sitting next to me.

Recently, I’ve been excelling at my eating plan. I’ve been doing better than I ever have and I’m finally starting to feel physically better. So, when I was invited to go out to dinner for a friend’s birthday, I had to tell her that I would meet her later because the menu doesn’t satisfy my new lifestyle. I recognize that it sounds overly strict, but eating for my MS is the most important thing I have to do and this disease doesn’t provide any flexibility.

The entire time I was telling her I couldn’t eat there, I had to keep reminding myself not to apologize. It was like I had to apologize for weighing so much that I have to be on a diet. I was firm but nice and she understood. She did question why I couldn’t eat there and it was hard not to apologize for being difficult. Once I explained why I can’t afford to cheat, she was just happy that I will still meet up later for dancing. I just can’t help but feel disappointed in myself for feeling such a strong need to apologize for my diet.

I understand my need to apologize for taking up a lot of space, but I cannot allow myself to apologize for improving my life. I may thank someone for being flexible with my needs, but if I consider myself to be “difficult” or “an inconvenience” then why wouldn’t everyone else see me the same way? I would be happy to accommodate someone else, so why wouldn’t I expect the same in return from my friends and family?

From now on, I am going to change the way I look at my eating habits. I should be thanking myself for making good decisions and for exercising often. I should appreciate that I’m making my health my top priority. I should not be lowering my opinion of myself because other people may get annoyed. If they feel annoyed, I’m sure there are plenty of people that would be happy to embrace my lifestyle and respect me for taking care of myself. I need to be filled with gratitude for my decisions and for the people in my life who support me and focus less on what other people think of me. One step at a time.

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Weekly Weigh In

Wow! The last few days have been a whirlwind! I just started vacation from work and I’ve been running around doing errands, being social, and getting ready for my Dad to come home from Boston. It’s been a little over two weeks since I saw him and he noticed my weight loss immediately! I’m so happy it’s getting more and more noticeable!

I weighed myself yesterday so, considering that’s my weigh in day, I’m posting yesterday’s weight today.

Friday September 5th: 264.2

Pounds lost this week: 3.0

Total Pounds lost: 93.2

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Sick, Tired, and Tecfidera

The last few days I’ve had a pretty nasty cold and sore throat. As we all know from my previous posts, my MS symptoms tend to come out when I get sick so I’ve also been dealing with balance issues (more than usual), a weak right hand, and some decent pain in the torso.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, I’ve also started getting some of the side effects of my new medication, Tecfidera. I decided to take the oral medication (one pill twice daily) and it’s got some scary side effects. One of the main side effects is “gastrointestinal distress”. I experienced it for just one day so far and, of course, it was the day that my cold and MS symptoms were at their worst. I stayed calm and positive and woke up feeling much better the next day. Since then I’ve had some mild stomach cramping, but nothing I would bother my doctor with. So far I had to take two days off from the gym. It’s funny how I could be annoyed that I’ll only workout five days this week when I used to be so proud if I managed three days.

I’m still a little sick, and I’m definitely tired, but I start vacation after work tomorrow and I’ll have an opportunity to rest a bit more. For now, I’m feeling pretty good so I’m off to the gym and then heading to bed.

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Weekly Weigh In

I’m sorry that this is a delayed weekly weigh in, I woke up late yesterday and forgot to weigh myself!

Saturday, August 30th: 267.2 
Pounds lost this week: 0
Total Pounds lost: 90.2

No change this week, not even an ounce. I’m a bit relieved because I had a very stressful week and I usually tend to gain weight during the weeks where I’m extra stressed. I’m still very pleased.

This week I say: no gain, no problem!

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Anonymous asked: My goal is to lose 90lbs, I've only been working out for a month an I've lost 10lbs already but I thought it would be going faster and I would start to see it by now but I'm not. How long did it take you to lose 90lbs? How did you stay so motivated though that?

First of all, congratulations on losing 10 pounds! That’s 1/9 of your way to your goal! I’ve just slowly been losing weight for years. Don’t fret about not seeing the results yet, 10 pounds in a month is fantastic and you should be celebrating! Keep going and before you know it, the weight will be off! Just stay focused and keep thinking about how great you’ll feel once you’ve lost the weight!

You also may want to consider talking to your doctor about what the best eating and exercise plan would be for you. Good luck and keep me posted!

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Cheating Changes When You’re Eating Well

Ever since I started the new diet, everything is different. I have no urge whatsoever to “cheat” and the idea of eating half the stuff that I used to makes me a little queasy.

Thinking of all the times I sat in line at McDonalds at midnight or ordered nacho’s well over 1000 calories for dinner seems like a disappointing dream. Let’s not even get started on the uncontrollable snacking.

I never thought the benefits of eating well would outweigh the benefits of quick, easy, cheap and delicious. I figured I would always long for the foods I couldn’t have and would indulge sparingly once I hit my weight loss goals. Living for the rare occasions where I would allow myself to eat whatever I want was a depressing existence.

Now, I feel like I have a handle on my eating, exercise, and diet planning. I still go out to eat, but I do my best to be aware of what I’m ordering and how much I’m eating. Some days I’m hungrier than others and I’ll eat a bit more than usual. Not that I’ll turn to junk, but I’ll just eat a bit more of my healthier snacks. Eating more from time to time is not cheating, it’s being human, and I could never fault myself for that.

I have no desire to eat the way I used to and I’ve gone months without even thinking about driving through the Taco Bell line. I don’t think about splurging at restaurants, but more about what will work best for my body. I don’t feel deprived or hungry. In no way do I think I’m perfect, I’m just surprised by how simple things have been. I feel like a whole new person and I wish I had gotten here sooner, life is so much easier when you’re eating well!

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