Without The Weight

Because losing my myelin wasn't enough

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What happens to me when I get sick…

When I get MS attacks, or just sick in general, it really debilitates my whole way of life. I don’t clean my room, I don’t do my laundry, I don’t exercise, I don’t cook, I don’t socialize, and for the most part…I barely get out of bed. Unfortunately, being hit with one thing after the other for the last four weeks has taken a harsh toll on every other part of my life besides being in bed.

I need to confess…
I’ve been cheating like you wouldn’t believe.
I haven’t exercised in four weeks.
I’ve barely cooked in four weeks.
My room is a wreck.
I’ve run out of my last clean pair of clothes (currently on my body).
I haven’t seen my friends in weeks.

I completely admit, accept, and understand all of that.

Today, things are going to change. I already have laundry in the machine (and I’ve already washed my sheets/blanket). I’m going to the supermarket to pick out healthy and easy things to get me through the week. I’m going out tonight with my brother and I’m going to order something that I know isn’t on my diet, and I’m not going to worry about it at all. I prefer to start a fresh full day on a diet. I’m going to walk for 20 minutes tomorrow at the gym. Nothing big. I don’t want to overwork myself right into another MS attack. I’m optimistic about tomorrow and all the weight loss there is to come.

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